SplashID Safe Teams Edition

  • Manage and share critical business records
  • Improve productivity of IT and team members
  • Instant setup for any size team
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Learn how you can share passwords and other critical records easily and securely among your team members

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Manage and Share Passwords and Records

Increase security and productivity by enabling all employees, a department, or a team to manage, update, and share passwords and other critical records such as account numbers, device ID's, access codes, project credentials, FTP and server information.

Increase Productivity of IT and Employees

No more password reset calls to IT. No more sticky notes on desks and monitors with passwords and other sensitive records. No more emailing colleagues to find out what the latest login is for a company account. Employees can also maintain personal records.

Free Trial, Instant Setup, Cloud Scalability

Get the benefits of SplashID Safe's business features in a cloud solution. Instant and easy activation process on the web. Free trial for an unlimited number of users. Add new users anytime.

Administrative Controls to Set Permissions

Powerful administrative panel controls give your or your IT team the ability to create users and groups and set permissions. So you have the power over who can see what records. Also review logs of records and usage, manage backups, etc.

Ease of Access

  • Anywhere
  • Anytime
  • Any Browser
  • Any Device
  • Any Desktop

What people are saying

SplashData has been writing versions of SplashID for other platforms and mobile devices for 10 years, and its experience shows in this iPhone app. SplashID has a simpler interface, a very usable search function, and most important, the ability to synchronize your private data between a Mac (or PC) and your iPhone entering data once instead of twice is an appealing feature."