SplashID Safe Enterprise Edition

  • Dedicated and scalable
  • Custom implementations for your needs
  • Highest levels of security and service
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Manage and Share Passwords and Records

Increase security and productivity by setting policies and enabling departments and cross functional teams share passwords and other critical records such as account numbers, device ID's, access codes, and server information.

Completely Customize Solutions for Your Needs

Host your own server inside your network or have SplashData provide you with a secure cloud-based solution. IT control panel lets you define groups and set permissions by user. Enable access from any desktop, any device, any tablet.

Enterprise Security, Service, and Support

SplashID Safe offers unparalleled flexibility in allowing your IT department to configure and control your deployment. The entire solution can be within your network if you choose. Any option comes with dedicated service and support from SplashData.

Whatever Your Needs, We Are Here For You

Need to deploy SplashID Safe throughout a large organization? Or host a shared server-based version of SplashID Safe inside your network? Or create a volume license for one of our consumer versions? We're here to help - contact our enterprise team today!

Ease of Access

  • Anywhere
  • Anytime
  • Any Device
  • Any Desktop

What people are saying

SplashData has been writing versions of SplashID for other platforms and mobile devices for 10 years, and its experience shows in this iPhone app. SplashID has a simpler interface, a very usable search function, and most important, the ability to synchronize your private data between a Mac (or PC) and your iPhone entering data once instead of twice is an appealing feature."