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FAQs to help you with your SplashID Pro Volume License Program

About the program

What do I need to know to get started?

No prior knowledge of SplashID or any other password manager is required! But to make sure you're taking advantage of everything SplashID Pro Volume License Program has to offer, we suggest checking out our getting started guide for admins.

Do you have any discounts for non-profits or educational institutions?

Academic and Non-Profit Organization qualify for 20% discount on all pricing plans. In the enrollment page, use coupon code 20OFFNPO. You will need to provide proof of your Academic or Non-Profit Organization status.

Can you tell me more about pricing?

SplashID Pro Volume License Program base package includes 10 users and is not adjustable for fewer users, but you don't need to use all the licenses right away. We have options from 10 users all the way to 1000 users. All plans are billing anually.

Managing the program

How does a user license work?

A user is any person in your organization. They can sign up using their company email address and will be licensed and can start using SplashID Pro right away. Example: If you purchase 50 licenses and enroll using, then VLP system allows 50 users with email addresses to sign up and get started with SplashID Pro. Users can use SplashID Pro on as many platforms as they like and is supported by SplashID.

How do I look at my plan details?

Once you log in to VLP admin panel, it shows an overview of your account and license status. Menu options are available to view plan details, upgrade, downgrade, change password, view invoices, update billing information, etc. You can click on 'Updrade' to view options to upgrade your licenses. 'Plan details' displays details of your current plan, invoices and billing information associated with the account. You can change the billing information.

Whats happens when a user leaves the organization?

If you're an administrator of your SplashID Pro Volume License Program, you can de-provosion a user's email anytime in the admin panel by clicking on the 'Deprovision user' option alongside the user's email. Once the user is de-provosioned, the license is freed up.